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Article 6243g-4 provides that the board may hire one or more employees whose positions and salaries shall be set by the board and who, acting under the direction of the board, shall keep all of the records of and perform all of the clerical services for the pension system.

Executive Director

John Lawson

Chief Investment Officer

Pat Franey

Benefits Director

Clark Olinger

General Counsel

Nick Dang

IT Director

Brian Poer

Benefits Manager

Judy Baker

Certified Financial Planner

Richard Gable

Accounting Manager

Kevin O'Toole

Administrative Assistant

Toni DeWillis

Investment Analyst

Neal Wallach

Stacey Ables

IT Systems Administrator

Greg Simeon

Benefits Assistant

Regina Ward

Sheryl Baines

Tiffany Williamson

IT Developer

Ron Vantreese

Records Assistant

Stephanie Segura


Lajuana Scott


Angela Cartwright

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